Monday 4 April 2016

a whirlwind of tangles

  So much has happened over the past week~

Easter happened.
This is a tile that Inge and I did together for Travelling Tangles.

I finally finished this tile. You can learn how to draw the gems on this tile. View the video by clicking this link.

  I also did a mural! How cool is that?

And here's the finished piece.

  I looked extra pretty on this day and lighting was great, so here:
Ethereal fairy princess.

So much happened on Travelling Tangles, too! I've done so many tiles already but still have a couple more to complete. The April Poetry Swap also just closed today. (Happy Poetry Month!) I did three tiles for that swap that I won't show here, but I'll have Draw With Me videos up on my YouTube channel soon.
Here's a tile done by Margaret McKerihan.

And here it is with my additions.

This one was done by Diana Schreur.

And completed by me.
Initially, I had the tangles drawn in black ink but they looked washed out so I went over the lines I had drawn with a white pen.

Sandi Buschpics sent me this bonus tile. (I am ashamed to say I haven't completed the tile she had drawn on... but the colours were just so prettyyy~)

I drew Naida on it. (Step-outs to it right here.)
And the white ink mixed with the colours on the tile so I ended up with this really beautiful ghostly effect.

  Here's another Naida tile I did. Knightsbridge with Naida, with Printemps in the background.

And now I have to work on the tiles I received for last month's swap. It was jewel themed. Not going to show any of the tiles I received yet, but here's a beautiful gem on an envelope that Beverly Grotthardt sent me:

  Speaking of jewels, sneak preview on a piece I'm working on. Needs shading and an addition of jewels... I'm going to do something experimental with this, and I know it's going to look awesome when I'm done with it.
Look at that groovy Cubine. I'll be teaching you how to draw it in an upcoming video.

  Have you downloaded your Tanglelendar for April? ^-^  Here's my completed March page:

  And lastly, back to basics.... I'm planning a new Introduction to Zentangle class. (Some teachers call it "FUNdamental Class". I might adopt that name...)

  And that has been my insanely creative week or so. I'm still not out of steam yet, so look out for my next post. Thanks for reading. I really appreciate all the kind comments all of you leave me across all of my social medias... They always bring a smile to my face. Till' next week~

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