Tuesday 25 August 2015

One fifth of a century... Wow.

Look at the amount of people that came for the event~

There was wine, baguette, sausage slices, and pâté. It was lovely.  

And our team won this quiz that was held during the event. Woohoo! \•.•/

  Also, on the 23rd, my mum had her birthday. I made her a card:
A bunny cause she was born within the Chinese zodiac year of the rabbit. And a rainbow background cause that's what her Chinese name means. 

Blue watercolour background with salt to make pretty patterns.
My mum liked the cute carrots and the cabbage.
I added words in after taking these photos, but they're meant for her to see only. :x

  And today, is my birthday~ I'm one fifth of a century- twenty years old... I didn't feel like an adult when I turned eighteen. This year is no different. I still don't feel like an adult. I don't really think there's a particular birthday that one suddenly feels like an adult, is there? Half of the time, everyone is just fumbling around in life and seeing how things turn out.

  I'm just glad of the happy memories I've made in the past year.. The things I've learnt... The amazing opportunities I've been given.. How I'm chasing my dreams and doing what I love for a living.
  Go see me at Alliance Francaise to wish me a happy birthday. That's where my exhibition is being held. I'll give *you* a gift if you mention my birthday (cause' I'd know you're a reader, and it'd make me really happy to meet a reader of my blog).   Click ( here ) for more info about the exhibition, how to get there, timing that the gallery is open, etc.

  It's almost the end of August already! Can you believe it? Time flies by so fast....

  My mum and I already starting to plan for our next exhibition...... I'm excited.

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