Thursday 7 May 2015

Try Out Thursday: Green Tea and Rum Kit Kats

  I'm sure you're familiar with Kit Kats.. We all know there's the regular milk chocolate flavoured ones. I also know that some places do sell the dark chocolate variety, which I love love love. And then, recently, green tea (or, as some people call it, Matcha) Kit Kats have become popular... But today, I found rum flavoured ones!

Apparently, they're called "Feuillanline" and are made with crispy cocoa crepe and rum powder. The other one is green tea with chocolate filling.

Look at how cute the box is~
The individual kit kats are bite-sized and the box can be closed by its tab.
I loved the flavour of this kit kat. It was on the sweeter side, but then you could taste a hint of the rum just as you finished the kit kat. I'd rate it 9 out of 10 stars.

Matcha kit kats. 3 in one box, with each packet containing two sticks of kit kats just like how the regular kit kat is like. Only these ones are smaller than your regular kit kats.

The cute thing about this one was that there was a little space on the box for you to write a message to someone and give it to them. Each little kit kat also had a little white box too. So cute!
I'm not a fan of green tea, so I have a biased opinion and thus will not rate it. The kit kat really does taste like mocha powder and it wasn't too sweet at all. 
  Best of all, you can get your own ones too! I found these at the NTUC Fairprice located at Simei, so do check whether the NTUC located near you stocks them too. The green tea ones cost me $2.55, while the rum ones cost me $4.15.

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