Wednesday 6 May 2015

Result of the April 2015 Giveaway

  Congratulations, Terence Yap! You won yourself a set of Derwent blender pens. I've already sent out the gift and it should reach you in a couple of days.

  To the rest of you who took part and didn't win, I still read all of your messages. I really appreciate you supporting my artistic journey... I blog to keep myself inspired, to show you what awesome new art products and books are in the market, the Art events that happen in Singapore, and the new things I learn along the way. 
  These giveaways I host is my way of trying to engage more people in Art and to also thank you for following me on my blog. ^-^
Obviously, I haven't filled out his address due to privacy reasons...

  I wonder what I'll be giving away next time.... You'll just have to stick around to find out!

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