Thursday 12 March 2015

Recent Sketches By Stephanie Jennifer (a.k.a. Me)

I haven't settled on a title for this yet.
"River of Colours"?
"Swirls of Memory"?
"50 Shades of Colours"..? (Hahaha)

I think I've gotten pretty decent at drawing flowers.
I used to be horrible at drawing them. They always looked lifeless.
And I would refuse to draw them. Lately though, I've been challenging myself to start drawing things I don't draw well, and the hard work has paid off.

Random swirly lines.

Another trophy piece to my Travelling Postcard Series.

Feather sketch.
You can even see my pencil outlines to the piece in this picture.

"Unicorns, I love them.. Unicorns, I love them... Uni-uni-unicorns... I lo-ove them."
This was done with Derwent Line Maker (as are most of my ink pieces) and a silver Pentel pen.

Rainbow umbrella done with Polychromos coloured pencils.
The colours in the picture seem a little too warm in the picture (the paper is actually bleached white in real life) but I liked the warmth, so I kept it as such.

Pretty birp.
(Purposeful typo)
  If you'd like to see what other works I've done, you can visit my website via this link.
  The second half of this year is going to be a whirlwind of events... I'm going to go to New York to spend 10 days with my godmother... And then I'll be going to Providence for the Certified Zentangle™Teacher course... And then I'd be having my very first art exhibition after that...

  The kids I teach are lovely. I learn to appreciate the little joys in life from them. I get to see that pure wonder for learning that all kids have. I try my best to be the teacher I've always wanted to have when I was a kiddo. I learn from my own faults; learn to be better as a teacher, as a student, and as a human... And to think that just three years ago, I would have never thought that I'd be in the education industry... Yet here I am, and now it's all that I want to do.

  I'm getting my body of art works ready for the exhibition. I know I want it to happen in August. I'll turn 20 years old, then... Sometimes, when I'm laying in bed at night thinking of everything and nothing in particular, I reflect upon the fact that I'm so very very blessed. To have a roof over my head, to have warm food on the table every day (unless we're eating sushi), to feel safe in my home. To have found my passion at such a young age and be able to pursue it with my mother's full approval and support. To be working towards the future that I want to live step-by-step.

  I'm so so blessed. I remind myself of that every day. Perhaps that's why I strive to help others so often. In any case, I can't wait to see what the rest of 2015 has in store for me. :)

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