Thursday 11 September 2014

Pardon the lack of posts. Have a kitten.

  I apologise for the inherent lack of posts this past week. I had my wisdom teeth extracted, plus an added four more because I'm getting braces soon. It wasn't all that bad of an experience, really, considering I was sedated throughout the operation and that I had minimal bleeding, bruising, and swelling after the operation. It has been a rough week, though. Being drowsy all the time because of the pain meds I've been taking...

  I have managed to get some reading done. A friend bought me a box of Derwent Coloursoft on my birthday and I've begun drawing in coloured pencils again. ^-^  I will be posting a review on the Coloursoft soon, and I'll try to post regularly as much as I can if I'm not in too much hurt.

  Here's a picture of my cat rolled up into a ball and sleeping to make up for my lack of posting. Sit tight. I'll be back regularly as soon as I can.

Till then,


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