Friday 19 September 2014

Me bemoaning about my pain...

  You might be wondering where I've been for the past few days...

  Well, I was at the dentist's office, mostly. I had my wisdom teeth removed (which begs the question; am I not as wise as I were before.... Hmmmm~), plus another four other teeth removed because I needed to get braces.

  Now I have what some people affectionately know as a train track in my mouth.

  I asked my dentist whether it would be alright if I went somewhere after the procedure. She said it'd be fine. I asked whether I'd have any pain after the numbing cream she put in my mouth wore off. She said there would be mild tenderness, but that I would be alright.

  *ahem* ... She lied.

  I was making a trip from the East side of Singapore to the West, because my cat has anxiety and needs a very special aromatherapy collar. (I'm not kidding here. She really does have anxiety and will lick off the fur on her tail when she's stressed out.)
  I was on the train when the numbing cream wore off... And it started with a dull pain but then proceeded to become a sharp, shooting pain. I took some painkillers to ease the pain. Got to the vet's office to get my cat's collar. Took a cab home. And slept most of the rest of the day.

  ... The cat probably doesn't even know how much trouble I go through just cause' I love her. *squints eyes at the cat*

  But yes. This has been why I've not been posting very regularly. ... Because of the pain.

  The second reason would be because I want to create more personal content- things draw/written/done by me. I'm not saying I'm going to do away with the Painting of the Day or Recommended Artist segments... Just that I want to try new things for a change.

  I'm probably going to be adding more content related to art stores in Singapore; more art material reviews; and more updates on art events in Singapore. I'm gonna' need to take some time off for myself to feel better, and also for me to re-boot my routine. Till' then, please bear with my absence. I'll try my best to update this blog.

  I'll always reply e-mails and comments, so don't hesitate to contact me to ask questions related to art; if you want to touch base with me; or if you're interested in being featured.


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