Monday 21 October 2013

When Life Gets A Little Busy...

   So it has been quite busy for me these few days...

  For one, I have a job right now. Not a 9-5 job, no. My schedule is a little more hectic than that. But I get a day off every Monday. Yes, it's an art related job- as an art instructor for kiddos. I also have to do some admin related stuff but I'm not going to go into too much details.

  Point is, I don't know how everything will work out; with me working while still finding time to study my Maths, to draw, to spend time with my loved ones, and to update this blog... But I will sort out my schedule and things will eventually fall into place.

  As always, my inbox is still open to questions/e-mails with regards to Art. And I'll still reply all your comments on this blog. :)

  Secondly; An update on the artsy things I've been doing lately.

  I did a new logo for an app called "Squigur".

  I'm also currently working on a drawing of a tiger in coloured pencil. I'm trying Bristol Board as a support again. There were some scratches on the paper, but I used some Q-tips to dab some water on the dents and after the water dried, the paper was fine again. So that's something I found I liked about the paper. I'm not going to post any pictures of this project just yet, cause it's going through the ugly stage.

  I bought a portable easel, a bottle of Krylon Archival (matte) spray varnish, a Rotring 0.5 pen, and a really cool sketchbook from DAISO recently, and I was hoping to make a product review sometime soon. So look out for that.

  If you'd like to see more of my art, visit my website

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