Monday 8 July 2013

Painting of the Day: Dimensional Analogs- Circle

From "Dimensional Analogs"- Circle by Ryan Uhrich
  I have this weird obsession with spherical objects. I guess it's the fluidity of the shape that I like. I feel everything should be in continuum, so perhaps it's my subconscious linking the shape with that idea. The stark simplicity of the design above. The white against the white. The curves of the circle against the straight lines. How it almost seems like an eclipse. It reminds me of the vastness of our galaxy, and that leads to thoughts about how Science has evolved over the years to the extend that we would be sending humans to Mars very soon.

  There's something about simplicity that draws me in. How the area of a circle will always be "pi r squared", and yet having the shape be able to encompass so many things in this world. Sometimes you just need to eliminate all the details and see an object in its most basic form to be able to appreciate it.

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