Tuesday 2 April 2013

Recommended Artist: John Pusateri

  John Pusateri graduated from the Syracuse University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He currently teaches in the Department of Architecture at Unitec New Zealand and currently has a number of works available through Seed Gallery. Pusateri's drawings and lithographs tap into the artistic tradition of memento mori, a practice dating back to antiquity wherein artists include imagery designed to remind the viewer of their mortality and of the transience and fragility of human life. In this owl series though, the birds look very much alive. Have a look-see.

  John Pusateri's owls in coloured pencil are the most fabulous depictions of owls I have ever seen. I love the detail in the owls' eyes and the plain backgrounds that don't detract the viewer from the main subject. They're colourful. They show the owls' inquisitive nature. They're full of personality, and he adds just enough details to keep you engaged.

  You can see more of his works here.

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