Monday 1 April 2013

My 101st post: I got a custom domain

    It's April the first, and I'd like to wish everyone a happy April Fool's Day. But this isn't a joke, I really have bought my own custom domain. I'm really happy about solving all the technical issues by myself through google search even though I'm not terribly good with computers.

  This is a small stepping stone in my journey. Yes, I am slightly dramatic about it, but it's how I really feel. It's loads of fun to keep this blog running, and it also a source of inspiration and confidence to me. From setting it up last year, having to abandon the blog for 6 months to take care of my grandmother, and getting back on track. It's not been easy. Life isn't easy.

  I see myself going somewhere now. I have a shorter-term goal that I'm striving for– that is to get myself into Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore in 2015. I'm working to build up my portfolio. I recently had a breakthrough with a quote I found online; "The world does not reward perfectionists. It rewards those who get things done." And, I had a breakthrough. I've had a few other moments like that throughout my life where something in my brain clicks and all the little pieces fall in place and I just get it somehow.

  I understood that I could not keep striving to be perfect. I had to keep doing. If I left my paintings half done because I thought they weren't that good, I would never have a portfolio. It is much wiser if I finished one piece, then moved on to do an even better one. Get one thing done, before moving on to the next. That's how my portfolio would grow and not just be half-done works.

  So this blog is a chronicle of my progress. I'm hoping to expand my online circle of friends. Get more involved. Do a video or two. Show my Art more often. Get connections. Strive for perfection. This is my journey, and I'm glad you're able to be a small part of it.

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