Friday 3 August 2012

Recommended Artist: Vicente Romero

  Vincent Rmero is a Spanish painter, born in Madrid in 1956.  saw Vicente Romero He obtained his degree in 1982 at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid. His technique comes from his academic training in oils, although he has increasingly explored pastel. The more direct, spontaneous effects he achieves in pastels are what draws him to the medium.

  The luminescence from his paintings take my breath away. The "airy" feeling that many artists strive to achieve in portraiture is beautifully displayed in all of his paintings, and his academic training in the Arts show through in his works. Brilliant compositions. Brilliant use of colors and light.
I chose this painting for its composition. 
The classic "T" composition is usually used for landscapes,
 and I felt it was very refreshing to see it in portraiture.
Brilliant use of light. Just look at the transparency of the cloth and the warmth of the morning light.
Again, the brilliant white of the light is beautifully used, and is balanced with a
 very dark shadow to give the painting a good sense of balance.
The transparency of the lady's dress, and the umbrella she holds. Just, brilliant.
  Recently, however, he is returning to use the oil in his work (almost forgotten in the last 4 years), thus producing a mutually enriching dialogue between the two techniques. Since 1987, he has been living in Costa Brava, choosing that venue for its luminous and peaceful settings on the Mediterranean as a home for his studio.

  With a strong understanding of the human anatomy, and the anatomy of cloths, he paints beautiful women in a beautiful way. And his pastels really do look like oils, don't they? Luscious, transparent, and airy all at the same time. I believe I have found another artist to add to my list. Kudos to you, Sir, for your excellence. 

Visit his blog here.

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