Friday 17 August 2012

Recommended Artist: Michelle Morin

Michelle Morin is an illustrator and painter who lives and works on the North Shore of Massachusetts. How nice must it be to live beside marshlands. She graduated with a BFA in painting and art history from Massachusetts College of Art. She works in watercolors and her work combines elements of the natural world with intricate geometric patterns. The combination results in simple, organic paintings like the ones shown here.

"Low Tide"
"Busy Bodies"
"Pelicans and Branches"

I really like the compositions that she employs, and the colors that she uses. She has a very clear understanding of anatomy, and puts in just enough details to keep viewers engaged. Drawing birds isn't easy. Artists get the urge to put in every single detail that they see, which results in a lifeless drawing. Michelle Morin knows that pitfall and doesn't let the details bog her down.

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