Thursday 19 July 2012

Recommended Artist: Graham Brace

  Graham Brace was born and raised in Milford Haven. He studies Arts at Cardiff College of Art, and thereafter, worked as a graphic designer. In 2000, he began to paint seriously, and now works full time as a professional artist and illustrator.

  As I always say, an education in Art is not critical to your success in Art, but it does help a lot. With basic understanding in light, shadows, color theory, anatomy, and perspective, drawing and painting becomes much more enjoyable and easier. (Don't run from perspective. Embrace it. Learn it. Understand it thoroughly, and it'll aid you till' the very day you lay that pencil down, never to pick it up ever again.)

"Foxy Frosty Morning

 "Outward Bound"

 "Patrick's Dinghy"

  They're all done in colored pencils. I always thought landscapes in colored pencils were difficult to accomplish because you cannot be too nit-picky when drawing landscapes. Yet, Graham Brace does them beautifully, with colors and luminescence that sing.

  Visit his website at:

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