Monday 16 July 2012

The Dreadful Artist's Block

  The dreadful artist's block. Is it an illness? Or perhaps a state of mind? Laziness, maybe. Distraction. The lack of interest for your craft. An excuse to not do anything creative.

Creativity does not strike you while you wait. Rather, it's when you're doing something, anything really, that the so allusive creativity comes. Sometimes, you choose to ignore it. Thinking, perhaps that it's a terrible idea. Other times, you can't wait to act on that inspiration, but then, just a quickly as it appeared, it's gone. Sometimes, the idea is gone just for now, other times, it's gone for good.

  One thing's for certain though, you cannot wait around doing absolutely nothing, and just hope that inspiration might just come to you. The simplest of ways to get your creative juices flowing is to simply, do. Draw, write, doodle, sketch, paint something you've never painted before, go somewhere you've never been.

  Good ideas do not come when you're thinking about them. They only come when you're drawing, sketching, or painting. They only come when you're doing. Instead of whining about how there isn't any inspiration in you anymore, go in search for it. Search for inspiration, and it'l come to you.

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