Wednesday 30 October 2019

High Stakes

During the Singapore CZT Masterclass, I taught a Rotating Riddles class. There was a tangle in my lesson plan that did not have a name, so I simply told the CZTs to draw “diamond stakes”. Debbie and I joked that it sounded like “diamond steaks”. hahaha

Later on, Debbie encouraged me to name the tangle.

I played around with the tangle, I found that you could switch out the diamond to other shapes. I asked Debbie for ideas on what I should name it. I didn’t like “Diamond Stakes” anymore because I felt it would limit the shapes that people would draw it to look like.

“Diamond Stakes”…. “Diamond Steaks”

“Satay Stakes” ….. “Chop Sticks” …. “Chopped Steaks” I’m hungry now.


In the end, we settled on the sensible yet charming name, “High Stakes”. Here’s how you draw it:

Here's the exploration page that I did in my sketchbook:

And earlier this week, the Tangle of the Day for Tea & Tangle was High Stakes. Here's what I created during the session:

If you create something with it, I’d love to see it. You can tag me on Instagram @7forests5rivers or post it in our Facebook group.

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