Thursday 9 May 2019

You spin my head right round', right round'...

  Last month's weekly classes at Toa Payoh Central Community Club were awesome. It was a small class of five students. This month, we've doubled in numbers and are a very full class of ten students. Woohoo!

  Here's the mosaic we had for April's first class. My idea was that the quarter circles would link up to make full circles...

  But then some of the students found that they could be linked in more creative ways!

  Here's another class we did. It was inspired by the full moon mosaic.

  My lovely friend, Debbie New, celebrated her birthday in April. I made this Zendala as a gift to her.

  I also created a smaller Zendala featuring my tangle "Eternity".

  In other news, Debbie and I have started selling pet collar charms to raise funds for a good cause. We will be donating a part of the profits to an organisation that helps foster kittens in Singapore. We deliver worldwide! If you'd like to find out more, you can click this link.

  Inspired by the blings, I created these two bookmarks:

  Lastly, I completed a swap on swap bot. I almost only completed it half-way. Bad habit from creating too many tiles for Travelling Tangles Project. hahaha

  The postcard features "Cabbit". :>

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  1. Lots of beautiful things to see as always, but those bookmarks particularly grabbed my attention. I think using an interesting shaped tile or paper makes us see tangles and layouts in new ways!