Sunday 14 April 2019

I use a lot of pinks, don't I?

  A little picture dump of the pretty things I've created lately.

  This one was done on pastel paper... I added a border, then filled the inside of the border with watercolour. I then added texture to the flat wash with some coloured pencils. Really love the variety of gradients on it.

  An atlas-y Zendala.

  And I did two more embedded Chinese characters. This one says "fortune".

  This one is what Chinese ink artist would describe as "messy strokes" method of writing. (It's an actual style!) It is the traditional character for "friendship".

  Lately, I've enjoyed doing a series of different art works using the same tangles... Here's Hamadox, Sez/Pixioze, and Luv-a.

  And here's a series of Marasu.

  This one was a "homework" for one of my weekly classes.

  And here are some Travelling Tangles tiles.

  Sent to me from Kristi Berg, this one was from June 2018. Hahaha. You know, this was one of those tiles that was really beautiful... so much so that I didn’t want to spoil it. So it just sat in my stash until finally it spoke to me.

  I mirrored what Kristi had drawn, then added Diva Dance Rock and Roll Simplified as the background. Finished everything with shading, and then added some gold detail as an aura, and also around the entire edge of the tile.

  Really like the gold detail. Might use that idea again for another tile.

  A lovely tile from Yvette Campbell. The tile was blank, but it had a very interesting texture and had leaves embedded in it. Took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with it. I added Arukas and Crescent Moon, and then did a light watercolour wash in the background.

  That's about all I have for this week. I have another post schedule for next week, so I'll see you then. ;)

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  1. So lovely to see so many of your pieces - I'm glad you are getting the chance to create again!

    Those series are wonderful - I think there is so much benefit in limiting choices and keeping at it - really unexpected results often emerge.

    The first two pieces are beautiful too - so minimal. I really admire your use of watercolour - it's loose and natural. I've just got myself some Peerless colours - which I know you use - and I hope to improve my technique using them.