Friday 4 January 2019

Ratoon and a gem

  So how did your Christmas/Hanukkah/holiday season go?

  We went to four different parties; three of which, Charlotte attended, too. She loved the attention, the presents, the food... Mostly the food. Cause she just started on solids, and it's been great for her.

  Here's the happy bub.

  On the creative front, I've been having lots of fun experimenting with new materials and ideas. Debbie New gifted me some pastel papers that I cut down to a variety of sizes. And since the papers are quite dark, I've taken to using my Gansai Tambi gold paints on them.

  Here's the white gold on a dark brown paper, that I then tangled on:

  And here's the yellow gold on a lighter grey paper, with my tangle "Naida" on it:

  Debbie New also lent me her set of gem and pearl colours... I had this idea in my head where I could create blobs and then colour them in, and have them look like stained glass. The results weren't quite what I had in mind... But here it is:

  In that same watercolour sketchbook, I created this beauty:
Lovely colours, if I do say so myself. ;)

  In mid-December, I found out that Pat Floerke, a close Zentangle friend of mine, had passed away from a tragic accident. We were asked to create tiles to send to her family. This was my contribution...

  I chose a Zendala tile because the first tile that Pat sent to me on Travelling Tangles Project was a Zendala. I splashed some watercolour on it, and added some gold paint...

  Then tangled, shaded it, and added some white highlights.

  Pat will be fondly remembered and dearly missed.

  With Travelling Tangles, I also completed this tile from Kim-Geck Lim. Debbie New had taught a Whatz-Itz class, so I applied what I learnt to that tile.

  Love the red accents.

  Zentangle HQ also recently released a new tangle to Certified Zentangle Teachers. They've called it "Ratoon". Here's a tile I did featuring it with a gemstone.

  Thanks for popping by to take a look at what I've been up to the past few weeks. Perhaps I'll see you again soon. :)

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  1. A fruitful and inspiring post as always Stephanie. I really love the tile you made in memory of Pat and that last dark Ratoon one is wonderful.

    I'm interested to see the results of you working over the Gansai Tambi paints. I have those and love how they look but find that the ink seems to sink into them in a strange way. Do you find this too?