Saturday 26 May 2018

throwback to then

  For this week's of Diva's Challenge, we were asked to go back into our stash of tiles and remake one of our favourites. I happened to have spring-cleaned my house and have recently found the sketchbook that was given to me at my CZT seminar. In it, I found this drawing:

Featuring N'zeppel and a pink marker.

  Keeping in mind that was three years ago....

  I re-did it in this way:

This time, I used watercolours and coloured pencils, plus white charcoal for the highlights.

  Keeping to the spirit of re-doing tiles, I did the same for Joey's challenge, which asked us to use Cadent. Here's a tile in my three year old sketchbook that featured Cadent...

  And here's what I created using the tangles Cadent, Crescent Moon, and Printemps. The background is watercolour. The shading is Polychromos coloured pencils. One of my students drew Printemps squished up into an oval shape, with the spirals being very close to one another... I thought it looked lovely. Like the rings of a tree. So that's the idea I tried to re-create in this tile.

  I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant! Can you believe it? I certainly can't.

  There's been a bit of water-retention and sore feet. But other than that, I don't have any other complaints. It's been a very easy pregnancy for me, and I hope my delivery will be the same. I'll be holding my baby shower in three weeks' time. How exciting.

  Even though I was down with the flu earlier this week, I created a Draw With Me tutorial video on how to draw a simplified version of "Oof". Perhaps you'd be interested in it:

  Lastly, here's a tile I completed, just for fun. It was sent to me by Beth Detzler for the Travelling Tangles Project. Here's what she did....

  And here's how I completed it...

Featuring Garlic Cloves.

  Thanks for popping by. I'll see y'all next week!


  1. Hi Stephanie I would love to send you a little something for your baby- nothing extravagant but just to welcome him/her to the world. If would you like to email me your address? (I understand if you prefer not to...)

  2. Doh! It's gmail, not hotmail.

  3. Wow, 'wow' for all that beautiful art, but most of all 'wow' for that baby that is almost born. Take care.