Saturday 8 July 2017

sketchbook pages

  Let's kick it off with a tile I did as a Draw With Me video. I really am growing to love my Tombow markers. Featuring Abeko, a hit of Flukes, and Fe-Ba in the background.

  For this week's challenge, Diva (home) and Joey (a star string). I decided to combine them in a tile that features my tangle, Singapore Sling. That's as home-y as I can get. I literally used a tangle that has my home-country's name in it. hahaha If you'd like to learn how to draw it, you can click here.
At the bottom of the page, I did a tile for "Zentangle: Tangled & Journaled, Too!" group on Facebook. They're doing a summer project and even though we don't get a summer break in Singapore, I am following along on the prompts.

  Here's another page. It's not complete yet, but I really like how the gemstone turned out. It was done using Tombow markers, too.

  And here's one more page, in full black and white.



  1. Tombow markers really give beautiful colours!
    I do like Singapore sling and yes, it's perfect for Laura's challenge and Ilse's challenge.
    I'm fond of the way you can connect your tiles like you show us on your last picture.

  2. Nice pieces. I love the bold color you got with the Tombow markers!

  3. It is a great idea to draw your 'tiles' into a book. You can easy extend and connect from one beautiful tile to the other. Colors are impressive.

  4. I seem to remember something about a Singapore Sling as being my first drink ever! It was very hard to concentrate at work after that. Nice looking tiles and they don't make me dizzy!

  5. Oh! these are wonderful! Loving the journal/tangle challenges I've been seeing, but your last one, with all those patterns inside of Tripoli! love it!

  6. Such beautiful and inspiring work! I love those journal pages too. The energy of "jumping the frame" is quite remarkable. Well done!

  7. Beautiful work! I love what you do with your Tombow markers! Thank you for participating in my guest challenge ;-)