Friday 19 May 2017

Dingbatz and more

  Here's my entry for this week's Diva Challenge: Stripes.
It's a small, Bijou-sized tile on my sketchbook featuring Trefoil. It's such a pretty tangle.

  Another page in my sketchbook; here's my exploration page of Dingbatz.

  And one last page featuring last week's challenges for Joey (Sand Swirl) and the Diva (Molygon).

Thanks for stopping by.  ^-^


  1. I tried Dingbatz today today. Love Love yours!

  2. these are all so pretty! I love those Dingbatz;-)

  3. I never thought about a literal border (your perfs) and white space as stripes, but they sure are here. Lovely! And I love all your dingbatz.

  4. I like your little Bijou Trefoil stripes Love your Dingbats! I'll have to investigate them! I love how you used the space of the Molygon to connect the two Drawings! :)

  5. Wonderful tiles each so well done. I love especially the molygon and gem.

  6. Love all your tiles, really like the dingbatz explorations :D