Friday 25 November 2016

late night conversations

  Good afternoon, lovelies. The holiday season is upon us. Can you believe it's almost December already? Time flies by so quickly. I've been busy making holiday gifts for my family and friends. I think I'm making the largest amount of presents this year than I have in the past years. I think it's a blessing. It means that there are more people that I treasure in my life now than I've ever had.

Here's my pile of things. Some tiles are already wrapped... Some will be mailed to friends and family living overseas. Some will be given in person. :) There's so much love and joy that I want to spread.
  Here are two of the tiles that I've completed. The Zendala is meant to be a Christmas tree ornament and has the birthday gemstones of the person I'm gifting the tile to (they're sardonyx gems). The other is for a child. I've left the top left area empty because I'm going to be teaching her how to draw my version of Diva Dance- Rock and Roll. It's the simplified version. And if you've not watched my video tutorial on how to draw it, you can watch it via this link. I promise it'd be worth your time. ;)

  Here's my entry for this week's Diva Challenge. It's fragments of Ving. I really like Ving and how versatile it is. The curved version of it reminded me of paper aeroplanes, so I turned them into one. :) The other tile was for an It's A String Thing, featuring Sea Wave. But I haven't finished shading it. I swear, I've been taking part in weekly challenges. It's just that I never get around to completing them.... They're all either half-done, or not shaded. Urgh.

  Lastly, here's a page from my new typography sketchbook. I'm already on my third one. The flip-through video of my second typography sketchbook should be up soon. And I also am going to edit the video for my old sketchbook.

  Thank you so much for dropping by to see what I've been up to in the past week. I hope you have a safe and lovely holiday this season. And until next week... Keep tangling!


  1. Beautiful work, especially the tiles on the colored paper.
    Wonderful that the colours don't touch the tangles, how did you manage that??? I love these results.
    Wish you happy days and all the best for Christmas and New Year and keep on tangling.

  2. Gorgeous work Stephanie! I especially love your typography page. I've been noodling around with some of that myself for Christmas gifts. I'm looking forward to seeing more;-)

  3. Nice pieces. I especially like the ideas behind your Christmas gifts. Great use of the fragment challenge too!

  4. Beautiful Christmas gifts! Your fragments tile is lovely too. Thanks for sharing your typography book page. Can't wait to see more.