Sunday 16 October 2016

a heart full of tangles

  I've started so many pages in my new sketchbook, nut have not completed them yet. Oops. I also should finish my old sketchbook so that I can do a flip-through video of it. Oh, and, I've almost completed a second typography sketchbook. You know... Like the Canson one I did a while back? I should be completing that soon as well. But wish me luck. It's the end of the year and we're busy as can be.

  Here's a tile I completed for the Travelling Tangles Project. Sabrina started it. The heart in the centre is thread that's sewn onto the tile. How cool is that? I added Naida (one of my own tangles), and Diva Dance.

  And here's my submission for Diva's challenge: Gourdeous, and Joey's challenge: ripped tile.

  I also just posted a new video on my YouTube channel.

  I also completed all the blank template pages of the Tanglelendar for 2017. Woohoo. Again, you can download copies of the pages via this link, and also join the Tanglelendar Facebook group here.

  Thanks for dropping by. See you next week!


  1. A beautiful finished traveling tile and again a wonderful combination of two challenges.
    Thank you for sharing the way how to draw a very nice Abeko!!!

  2. Your work is so beautiful!

  3. Lovely tile, I really like the way you combined the two challenges. I also enjoyed the video of Abeko.

  4. I love Sabrina's stitched heart tile and you finished it beautifully. Also love how your diva tile peeps through the rip on your Joey tile. Beautiful.