Thursday, 15 September 2016

life is tough, darling, but so are you

  I'm playing catch-up on the weekly challenges. This one was done for It's a String Thing and Joey's challenge, last week. The colours were added with Peerless watercolours. I'm trying out this new thing where I'm adding tangles on what would be the edge of the tile. And I'm still continuing that thing I've done where I try to make the tangles of the different tiles merge together.

  This one was done for last last week's of Joey's challenge. Hahaha 

  Some new tangles- Dreamdex (by a Zentangle teacher-friend of mine, Debbie New). It's such a beautiful and versatile tangle. Then there's Dreamcatcher and Nymph. I haven't added shading to this page, yet.

  This week's Diva challenge; Tripoli. I tried to make mine unique. It's a free-floating pattern on one of my sketchbook page and I'm not showing the rest of the page because it's not completed yet.

  Here's a picture of me and my new bag that I drew on. I recently cut off about 5 inches of my hair.

  Everything Is Art also recently opened its craft store. Here is a sample of the things that we have available for sale. :)

  They're all hand-drawn with love. And if you're interested in seeing all the items available and how much each item costs, you can visit our webstore.

  And lastly, here's a tile I did inspired by this week's Joey's challenge. Tipple on all four corners of the tile. Echos across the tile. And Dreamdex, looking like a pinwheel. The background was done with Winsor & Newton watercolours.

  Thank you for dropping by. I hope I've inspired you. Until next week... Keep tangling!


  1. All of your work is so lovely! That last tile is really outstanding, though I'm really inspired by your sketchbook pages. I love the framing of the two tiles and everything spilling out. Thanks so much for sharing;-)

  2. Me too, love your work. Especially the tiles on the first and the last picture are my favorites, beautiful colors and splendid compositions. It is a lovely new bag and I wish you success with your webshop.

  3. Such beautiful work, my you have been busy! Good luck with the new shop! I have dreamdex down as one to try and now I'm eyeing off the dream catcher pttern you have there too.

  4. Stephanie you really are mastering the art of merging tangles, beautiful tangling.

  5. Lovely work. That sketch book page is very well done and I really love the flow and color of the last one. Nice to see Debbie's pretty tangle too!

  6. All of these are great! I saw your pattern Dreamdex earlier and think it is quite interesting.

  7. Stunning work, especially the Joey tile at the end.

  8. I love all this work of yours. The Diva challenge with Tripoli is beautiful and very original.

  9. Gorgeous, as always! And cute haircut!