Wednesday 3 August 2016

new tangles take you to new places

  I swear I have started so many ideas in my sketchbook but just never got around to inking them.... I'm Queen of Procrastination. :<  I wanted to do It's a String Thing #155, but never got around to completing it. I did, however, spend the good part of last night to complete this page in my sketchbook for this week's Diva Challenge:

abeko, 4Rosie, Knightstar, Tripoli, Stephanie Jennifer

  I used a different (easier) way of drawing Knightstar (and I made a video of how I did it!). I also learnt a new way to fill Tripoli from a Zentangle friend, Midori. I also tried out two new patterns, "4Rosie" and "Abeko". This was a really fun page to complete.

  Here's my Draw With Me video on how I drew Knightstar:
  And in case you need it, the link to step-outs to "Facets" is right here.

  I also managed to complete the second postcard-sized watercolour flower drawing I started two weeks ago.

Zentangle watercolor flower, watercolour flower

  And of course, I've been kept busy with the Travelling Tangles Project. "Andante" is my current favourite tangle at the moment.

  My mum, Joni, has also been catching up with her swaps. Here's one she did with Janine Pottish Barash:
Travelling Tangles, Joni Toh

  That's really all I have for this week. Next week is going to be Singapore's National Day, and I'm going to be at this large event holding a Zentangle workshop with Joni, so we're going to be super busy from the 6th to the 9th of August. If you live in Singapore, join us for the event at Expo, Hall 5. From 12pm to 8:30pm. We'd love to see you there. ^-^

  I don't know whether I'd have time to create new things for next week's post, but I'll try my best. :)


  1. I love the watercolors you've done. Really beautiful tiles.

  2. Beautiful watercolor work but also your Diva's tile is really stunning. I can't wait to see the easier steps to create this pattern. I like the tangle but find it difficult to draw equally but you did it in a great way, congrats!

    1. I just posted an update for this post! :) I hope you find it useful.

  3. Your watercolors are beautiful...and I'm curious about your alternate way to draw Knightstar ^_^

  4. I really like the way you are doing Knightstar, and thanks for posting it. It has helped me a lot.


  5. I really like the way you drew Knightstar. I had such a hard time with it and this approach seems a bit cleaner. Thanks so much for creating the video;-) Your watercolor tiles are fantastic!

  6. It never hurts to have alternative ways to do tangles. Some people just think differently. I love your journal page, especially Abeko. I also love that watercolor flower!

  7. I love how you tied the tangle tiles together on the journal page. Just so creative and wonderful to look at!

  8. The Diva tile is beautiful and so are the watercolors!!!

  9. Love your Diva tile and the video is really helpful

  10. Nice tiles. Like your Abeko. You are a busy lady and your tiles and sketches are an inspiration. I watched your video - it is a different approach, but it still takes focus to complete this pattern.

  11. Wonderful watercolor work and DC tile! & Thanks for sharing the video!

  12. Your Diva tile is stunning! Thanks for sharing the video, I like Knightstar, but found it difficult to draw, now I'll try your easier way.

  13. I love the way your tangles flow out of each other in the Diva tile with Auraknot. Such lovely work, Stephanie! And thanks for your video clips. Your clips are easy to understand and I appreciate that a lot! : )