Tuesday 2 February 2016

Molygon Mayhem

  I had planned to put this post up after I'd finished teaching a class, and boy am I glad I waited. Look what Mihika finished the week before. (She's just twelve years old.)
We had done a class on black tiles last week. She combined that with her knowledge on Zengems from a previous class with us, and voila. I'm so proud of her.

  Want to learn to draw Zengems? I have tutorials on my YouTube channel. You can view them by clicking this link.

  Last week, I was all caught up with using my new Zig Brushables for shading. But at the start of this week, I went back to using a graphite pencil to shade a tile, and it was like falling in love with graphite all over again... There is this softness to graphite that I just can't recreate with markers or ink. And I haven't yet mastered how to blend completely smoothly with markers...
I made this Artist Trading Card (ATC) for a friend who is currently studying in London.
When she came back to Singapore during her school holidays, I had showed her the Zengems I'd made and she loved them so much. She also mentioned she loved feathers. So here we are- something I hope will brighten her day when she receives it.

  Recently, I also visited the Singapore Art Museum. And one of the art works I wanted to show you was this piece titled, "Bloodline of Peace" by Suzann Victor. It's a really large scale work... 40 metres by 2 metres (131 foot by 6 foot).
Visitors shown in picture for sense of scale.

It is a beautiful piece made of fresnel lenses hooked together by metal pins...
And the lights that were directed onto the piece illuminated it so beautifully. Just look at those light patterns on the wall... I stood in awe of it for a few minutes.

But the symbolism behind it was even more beautiful. In each segment of the art work, there was a single drop of blood contributed individuals representing Singapore's ket communities such as the armed forces, medicine, civil defence, the arts, and the pioneer generation.

The explanation card for the art work states, "Blood is life, visceral, and when drawn by force, it implies brutality, pain, and death. Yet, when donated voluntarily, it is an act that saves the lives of loved ones- and strangers- during medical emergencies. Ultimately, the symbolically rich gift of blood signifies the utmost sacrifice for a fellow human being and for a nation, and poignantly, peace- that most fragile of conditions- can oftentimes only be attained, upheld and protected through a willingness to make this highest sacrifice." A transient state of peace is defined by the absence of war and bloodshed.

  I thought it was richly significant to Singapore's history, especially since we celebrated our country's 50th anniversary last year. I can only hope that Singapore continues to stay a safe country to live in for the next fifty years to come. I thought the art work to be beautiful and hope you liked seeing pictures of it, but onwards to something less morbid, though...

  Have you tried the new tangle "Molygon"? I'll admit, I wasn't a fan of it when it first came out, but I had a student request to have me teach it during class... So I persevered and eventually, I fell in love with it. I made many many coloured tiles to play with because Art Friend is currently having a sale on Canson papers/sketchbooks. (I'll be writing about that soon... But just know that they're currently selling Canson products at a price that probably is the lowest you'll find worldwide! Whilst stocks last, so if you're a Singapore reader, do hurry down soon.)

  Here's one of the tiles from the batch, that I did for the Diva's weekly Challenge:
Done on Canson paper cut to an Apprentice tile size. With coloured background done using Derwent's Inktense blocks.

And here's a page from my sketchbook where I explored many different possibilities for Moygon. It was lots of fun to create and I'm very proud of it.

  Thanks for viewing. ^-^  I hope you have a wondefully creative week ahead of you~


  1. A great post with lots of interest. How clever your students are, you must be a good tutor. That sculpture is awesome and the pattern of light so unexpected. I love contemporary art and sculpture in particular. However we are really here for the Molygon. Two such different designs and I love both. The colour against the black is fantastic, but then all the different patterns in the last one are superb.

  2. Love your tile and especially your sketchbook page for Molygon! The possibilities for filling Molygon seem to be endless. :-D It's such a cool tangle, it simply runs riot everywhere. Such fun!

  3. Wow! Lots of great work! It's all beautiful!

  4. Your Diva tile is simply gorgeous! As is your ohter work... ;-)

  5. That Molygon around the gem is gorgeous!

  6. The art you photographed is extremely moving and I hope along with you that peace may prevail. And then on to your own work, which is definitely special. I couldn't pick out just one and say what I like about it or we'll be here all day, so I'll just say Wow, well done.

  7. I like the green-yellow Molygon the best!!!

  8. What a wonderful and inspiring post! Especially I like your sketchbook page! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Beautiful, I'm especially taken with your Derwent background Molygon and your last tile is Amazing! Great to see your student's work, thanks for sharing all the talent.

  10. Thank you again for your wonderful post. "The Bloodline of Peace" is a wonderful piece of art, I love the thoughts behind it. And I want to thank you for sharing your sketchbook page, you came up with a few really cool fillings! I hope you don't mind that I chose one of them for my contribution for this week's Diva Challenge. I gave credit to you there, of course. :-)