Wednesday 11 February 2015

Travelling Postcard Series

  The Travelling Postcard Series is a small project I started where I'd create hand-drawn drawings on postcard sized paper for a friend of mine. Her name is "Hush", if you were wondering. And no, she doesn't follow this blog, which is why I can show you guys all the cute things I've made for her.

  I'm not sure how long I'll continue the series, but I'm intending to do at least 12. Here are the first three of the series:

The first of the series.
It's supposed to be an abstract sunrise.

This was the one I sent out a couple of days ago.
I posted it on my Instagram. Maybe you'd like to follow me on Instagram?

And this is the third drawing of this series.
I'll be mailing it out towards the end of this month. ^-^

And even though this isn't part of the Travelling Postcard Series, I just wanted to share it with you guys. It's a present for a friend for Valentines' (sort of). I used Prismacolor coloured pencils with Derwent's blender pens. This is A4 size. I'm very happy with the results and am considering doing more of these kind of coloured pieces. 

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