Wednesday 21 January 2015

What I've Been Up To Lately...

  I haven't been posting according to schedule (either Monday, Wednesday, and Friday OR Tuesday and Thursday) because my internet connectivity is acting weird. So I sometimes get good connection for about two hours, and then after I can't even load Google's homepage....

  So. I'm sorting things out with my internet provider and they said they'd sort it out by February. Until then. I can't promise this blog will be updated regularly. I'll try my best- but no promises made.

  That said; here's what has happened over the past week...

I received my subscription box from "Pigment & Palette", and a book I backed on Kickstarter titled "Subtract". I'm already editing the video for "Subtract" so as soon as my internet connection is stable, I'll be posting it. Look out for that~

Look at the goodies within the subscription box~
Brush cleaner, silver acrylic, and a white pen.
I don't like brush-based mediums cause I feel I don't get enough control over the brush, and I only use my water-barrel Derwent brushes... I *might* use the silver acrylic to do a background sometime soon. I didn't like the pen because of its chemical smell and lack of opacity...

Have I mentioned that I'll be starting a new series called "The Travelling Postcard" Series?
In short, one of my friends is going to UK to further her studies, so I'll be sending her postcards with drawings made by me on them throughout the year. This is the 2nd of the set.

I started posting again on my Facebook fanpage.

I bought lots of goodies from Art Friend and am currently holding a giveaway (click me) that you should totally take part in.
The purple sketchbook is for myself, though. *smacks your hand away*

I watched "Cats", the musical with my mum and it was amazing!
  I'll be trying to draw and read more for the next few days... Do pardon me if you don't see any new posts in the following days as the lack of my wifi is equally frustrating to me... I'll still be replying comments and emails, and I'll still be posting on my other social media platforms. :)

  Till' next time~

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