Monday 20 January 2014

Art Apart Art Fair 2014

  Art Apart 2014 was awesome sauce. Parkroyal @ Pickering has gorgeous architecture that really complimented the modern art that was exhibited. The volunteers at the event were really friendly and helpful. The works were brilliant and I had loads of fun, and it really helped get my creative juices flowing again. If you didn't go, here are some of the highlights of the event.

"Colorful High Land" by Myoe Kyaw
"Colorful High Land" by Myoe Kyaw

pointalism-inspired art work in dominating orange and blue hues by Ssung-Jung Kim
Above, by Ssung-Jung Kim

"A Corner of Inlay Lake" by Myint Soe
"A Corner of Inlay Lake" by Myint Soe

"Koi follow me 3" by Leonard Go
"Koi follow me 3" by Leonard Go

"Vitality of Arirang" by Choi Haeng Sug. A sort of rainbow work on a plain background.
"Vitality of Arirang" by Choi Haeng Sug

"Layer Red Flower Portrait" by Lee Seung Oh
"Layer Red Flower Portrait" by Lee Seung Oh

Painting of a bird throwing a pebble into a glass bottle so that it may drink water by Pavel Antipov
"Thirst" by Pavel Antipov

Picture of the scenery from Parkroyal @ Pickering.
This was the view from the room that The P' Club Group was occupying.
They had really beautiful sculptures in the room. I liked their wooden carvings the best.

Special mentions to the following artists:
  • Joel Geolamen whose photograph works were exceptionally done.
  • Frank Zhen for his upcoming exhibition in Singapore.
  • Ayaka Yamada for her gorgeous and insanely detailed lithographs. (The only site that seems to have her works is here, but they seem to be old works...)
  • A shoutout to Blue Lotus. They had an artist by the name of Pearl Yang who made beautiful ceramic works.
  I thought the fair had a brilliant concept of placing art works in hotel rooms as the rooms mimic the rooms we'd put the art works in. Rather than having to imagine how the art works would look like in your living room whilst you're looking at it hanging on a white wall in an art gallery, you get to see it in a more natural environment. The art works shown were lovely. The artist that were present were lovely. I really hope to see what Art Apart comes up with next year.

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